a life of engagement

About Me

I am an active participant in the community. I have worked as both a poll watcher and election officer during election season.

I am a member of the Blue Ridge Fiber Guild and the Loudoun Retired Teachers Association. I have worked with the Purcellville Business and Merchants Association to find job training opportunities for special needs students and attend Cornerstone Chapel where I assist with the Special Needs Ministry.

On a personal level, I am a historic reenactor for the French and Indian War and American Revolution Eras and had the honor of portraying Martha Washington for the City of Alexandria for 25 years.

I and my husband, Michael, volunteer at Colonial Williamsburg and other historic sites and events, sharing our love of history.

We have four sons, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Our dog, Simon, and horse, Winnie, complete our family.

My Mission

I retired in 2017 and would have happily remained so, but I cannot, will not sit idly by and watch our children be physically, mentally, emotionally, and educationally abused!

I’m in it for the Kids!


Why Now?

Over the past several years our curriculum has been changed and distorted beyond recognition. 

We need a return to common sense education.

My Platform

I support merit-based performance, equality of opportunity, history based on fact, and civics based on the Constitution of the United States.

Vote for Karen “Kari” LaBell for LCSB – Catoctin District.